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Our Books

Savage Joy

An East Village Tenement in the Beatdown Mid-’70s

New Yorker Magazine Literary Parties, Downtown Punk Bacchanals

Love, Music, Blood, and Madness

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A Thousand Dances

Rhythm & blues is exploding all over the London area. It’s a thousand dances
in the teen clubs – until someone turns up dead.

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Stations of the Cross

A world-famous singer-songwriter on the slide
a fetching Mexican teenage girl
a plague of drug violence
…what can go wrong?

Stations of the Cross is a powerful musical novel of obsession, second chances, and doomed romance. Buy on Amazon

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Look at Flower

A beautiful runaway girl …
… floating through the Summer of Love.

A sweeping adventure,
a journey to self and adulthood,

LOOK AT FLOWER captures the Sixties as never before.

“Here lies the anatomy of a hippie chick. Check it out!” –Wavy Gravy

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Lone Star Ice & Fire

They called them Lone Star Ice and Fire.
A cool-cat bad boy guitarist
His genius guitarslinger brother

Two driven men facing off in their music, their women, with all their souls. LONE STAR ICE & FIRE brings the music of Texas—and our time—to rich, compelling life.

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Meet the Annas

An early ’60s, girl group led by …
… the raven-haired incarnation of the true church
of rock ‘n’ roll
A lovestruck songwriter
A tale rich in secrets

Part slice of rock ‘n’ roll history, part cold case mystery, MEET THE ANNAS can’t be put down till all of singer Anna Dubower’s harrowing story is revealed.

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Soul Cavalcade

Come along on an amazing trip….
The Greatest Show of Stars for 1964
A new singer with her astonishing secret

A comedy with Shakespearean tones, a wild romp with blistering music, an always fascinating story with tinges of tragedy, SOUL CAVALCADE puts you in the world of America’s great soul music. Hop on board!

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Pink Cadillac

A runaway girl
A hotheaded sax player
A tormented record man
A drop-in by Elvis Presley

A love story, a mystery, a book tinged with magic and mojo, PINK CADILLAC tells one of the great unknown stories of rock and roll.

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Getting In Tune

PUNK IS COMING — but it’s not here yet.
An ambitious cover band
A lovely young proto-punk girl
A lead guitarist’s spiritual crisis

GETTING IN TUNE is a novel full of the low grit of rock ’n’ roll and the high spirit the music soars upon. Step in, can you hear it? The band is tuning up right now….

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Cutting Time

A South Side Chicago blues joint
A hot young guitar player up against …
… the King of the Blues
A witchy woman, a silver stripe in her hair

CUTTING TIME takes you into a world of smoky blues clubs, dangerous characters, powerful hoodoo, and bewitched love.

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A tale of sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll
Friendship and betrayal
Journey and redemption

A band torn apart by a manipulative manager. A rock star gone missing. An international maelstrom … Buy on Amazon

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