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Look at Flower

FlowerCouchIt’s June 1967, the Summer of Love, and Cynda “Flower” Evans has just run away from her dreary home in Oregon for the glorious Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco.

There Flower tumbles into the hippie scene, spare-changing on Haight and crashing with the Grateful Dead, before getting swept up into grand ’60s adventures that send her hitchhiking and train-hopping across America: a radical bank job, escape to a timber camp in Montana (featuring the Lumberjack Chorale!), a turn disguised as a boy at Camp Wee-Ha-Lay-Ha in Minnesota, and finally to a commune called Old Bison, where she meets her ecstatic fate high above the New Mexico desert.

At turns both naïve and wise beyond her years, scruffy yet beautiful, heedlessly audacious and endlessly savvy, Flower is a character for any time, not just her own.

Look at Flower is available now, in bookstores and on AMAZON in both print and Kindle editions.

ALSO: Flower has her own WEBSITE, and also her own FACEBOOK page (come be her friend) and TUMBLR blog. (She’s a busy girl!)

Early Reaction to Look at Flower

“San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of 1967 was a dream of sorts, and Look at Flower evokes that feeling as it traces the zig-zag wanderings of Cynda “Flower” Evans from vague imaginings and occasional nightmares to something like growing up. In all her limits and confusion and idealistic searching, I liked Flower. You will too.” —Dennis McNally, author of A Long Strange Trip/The Inside History of the Grateful Dead

“For those youth seeking data of their elders, here lies the anatomy of a hippie chick. Check it out!” —Wavy Gravy

“Having only recently come from seed myself in 1967 allows me to testify to the felt authenticity of Look At Flower! Fiction that places you so firmly in the action of a rare confluence of innocence, drugs, talent, daring, and drive—where you can only say, ‘Ahh yes, it must’ve been this way!’ as you follow Flower coming of age while a culture struggles to keep up.” —Laura Albert (JT LeRoy), author of The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

Further Kind Words

From Chronogram magazine: “Blurbs by Commander Cody and Wavy Gravy, cover art by Fillmore designer Johnny Myers … the wayback machine to the Summer of Love doesn’t get more authentic. As Oregon runaway Cynda “Flower” Evans free-ranges from Haight-Asbury to a Montana lumberjacks’ camp to a high-flying commune called Old Bison, Woodstock-based music novelist Dunn finds his groove.”

Plenty of Goodreads fans, including: Donna Gallion—”It was a fun book to read. Reminded me of my time in the 70’s. He is a very good Author.”

And Jacque: “I found the book to be funny as well as sad. It held my attention and gave me a feel for the 60’s. I feel that Flower had an interesting life. She met many different people who helped her in different ways. I liked the elderly woman who took her in.
“This book shows that people can learn to like each other no matter how different their backgrounds. When Flower met the elderly woman, they seemed to hit it off. At the end of the book they are almost like best friends. This is a good book that was well written. It had enough information in it to make me want to read more. I finished this book in less than a day. It is a very good book.”

If you’ve read the novel, please add your take to Goodreads. Coral Press supports it wholeheartedly.

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