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Stations of the Cross

skeleton_guitarLegendary singer-songwriter and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Dyson Burnette has been living in New York City for the last 10 years, doing little but waiting for inspiration. One fine spring day, he decides to travel back to Los Parques, the Mexican town where he found his true self 40 years earlier at age 18, and immediately becomes infatuated with lovely young school teacher Serena Rodriguez. This “Flower of Los Parques,” who reminds him of a great love, inspires him to resume working on an epic lost song he started 40 years ago, “Stations of the Cross.”

Burnette knows that finishing the song is the key to recapturing his audience and saving his career, but only if he can control his growing obsession for his new-found muse. Where will this dangerous game of desire and creation take the increasingly desperate artist?

Stations of the Cross, a powerful novel of love, memory, aspiration, passion, and sanctity, asks just how much a man must lose before he can find himself again.

First review in, from Booklist. Here’s the summation: “Dunn, himself a musician, writes powerfully about the mysteries of the creative process and the pull of the past in his fiery portrait of an aging musician and his obsessive quest to renew himself.”

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